Sharing: The underrated holiday of all

2 Corinthians 6:18: “And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty.”

When I was a child, One of the things that I like to do was observing holidays every year. Why? Because my birthday falls on a holiday… which is Valentines Day. I remembered how I loved seeing those restaurants having lots of love and hearts decorations, people buying flowers, chocolates and cute teddy bears, and people dating inside a restaurant etc.

But for me, there is this holiday that is underrated… a holiday that is so important but people think its just one of those unimportant holidays.

And that holiday is the “Father’s Day”

But why? We celebrate mother’s day so much, so how come we can’t celebrate father’s day as well? Is it because dads aren’t that emotional? That they think its not that important?

Do not think that I am being unfair. I do believe that Mother’s day needs to be celebrated, (I am a mother too) but if mother’s day is being celebrated in a special and awesome way, we should celebrate father’s day just like that.

Our dad are heroes. They provide for us, take care of us, love us unconditionally and they need our appreciation.

But the most important reason why we should celebrate this special occasion.. it is because, our God is a Father.

How blessed are the earthly dads to have the opportunity to experience what is like to be Him… as a father.

So to all the fathers here on earth. We appreciate you. Thank you for all your sacrifices. Thank you for being like God, loving His children and providing the family what they need.

And to our Heavenly Father, thank you for your unconditional love, for being our strength, for providing for us (your children) and for being there for us, our very present help in times of need 🙂

Happy Father’s day!


A testimony: Let Me do My work

Ephesians 3:20-21 New International Version (NIV)

20 Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, 21 to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

My Dad and my aunt Ruth share Bible Verses and devotions to me everyday. It gives me comfort that God is using them to strengthen my faith and reminding me that God is at work and He is always by myside.

But the verse that my aunt shared to me earlier reminded me what had happened yesterday and its a great testimony to share. I hope and pray that it will become an encouragement to everyone who reads this blog.

Testimony: “Let Me do My work”

Last week during my checkup, the doctor told me that I may have signs of preeclampsia. So she has to monitor my blood pressure and urine.

That is why I was a bit worried during my checkup yesterday.

And since I was worried, I readied myself for this week before my appointment. Sad to say, the night before my checkup… I didnt sleep at all and In the morning, I was late on my appointment.

My husband said, “we are already late for 15 minutes” and I can feel stress piling up on my nerves which is quite bad because It might affect my blood pressure. (Being late here in USA is a big deal, if you are late they will reschedule you, so I was fully stressed at that thought).

And so.. I prayed. I asked God to help me because everything was going wrong. I didnt sleep, I was worrying a lot and I was late for my checkup. I even received a voicemail from my hospital to remind me that I have an appointment and they might cancel it because I was really late.

Then I heard a voice saying, “Let me do my work” and I trusted that voice.

Did “He” do his work? Oh yes He did!

I entered the hospital, checked-in. They still accepted me and I was able to received my NTS test. When the doctor checked my blood pressure, it was normal. No protein in urine and the swelling decrease. Babies are moving a lot (which means they are happy) and my doctor said “wow, everything looks normal, everything looks great!”

I just thank God for that day.

Then my aunt ruth shared her devotional verse today and I was shocked when I saw the words, “My guidance for each of My children is unique. That’s why listening to Me is so vital for your well being.”

And so I knew God wants me to share this testimony.

He is in control. Always.

⁃ Chettelax~

The Lord is my Strength

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him. (Ps 28:7)

Have you ever experience a time where you are physically and emotionally drained and you couldn’t pray because mentally you are tired as well? (Like there is a lot on your mind?) Then out of the blue, you spoke in tongues and your spirit begun to pray rather than your body?

I had a lot of experiences like that. But it was a long time ago.

And then earlier, when I woke up to pray… I’ve experienced it again. I couldn’t control myself I was praying and crying in the spirit. And as I was doing that, I could feel my strength coming back and when I opened my Bible, it led me to the verse of Psalm 28:7.

Indeed, our Strength comes only from God.

While sharing this, I remembered another testimony. This happened last year, when I went to CFO (Commission on Filipino Overseas) in Manila. This is the final step to go to before you can exit the Philippines. (without their stamp on your passport and certificate, even if you have VISA, you cannot leave the country). So I was from pampanga and I had to hire a driver and a car to go to Manila and it cost around ₱4000 ($185) per day (gas and food not included).

So my seminar and interview was around 1pm. I was there at exactly 1pm and waited for my name to be called (after answering all the papers that they gave to me) Then all of the sudden, one employee came out of the room and said, “we are sorry, but you all needed to come back tomorrow because the 9am group was full. So we had to accomodate some of them this time. Come back tomorrow at 9am. Thank you”

Hearing that, my shoulders fell and I felt tired all of the sudden… I just sat there and I could hear some complaints from other people saying that was so unfair, they came from far away places and they had to go back (some are from Visayas, which was even far away from where I came from, you have to ride a bus for more than six hours). But aside from those complaints, I kept thinking… “so I had to pay another ₱4000 tomorrow? If I have to come back?” I was staring at my phone thinking who should I call first? My fiance (now my husband) or the driver to pick me up?

Then I realized, I was already alone inside the room. I controlled the tears that was about to come out of my eyes… and then I asked God for strength. Then I heard a voice saying, “Everything will be alright, I am in control.”

So I stood up, and was about to call the driver to pick me up when all of the sudden, a lady came out of the other room and said, “are you here for the seminar?” I replied, “Yes, but I will come back tomorrow because one of the staff said, this seminar is already full.” Then she said, “No, its okay, you can take the seminar today, come inside. Did you fill out the papers?” and I just nodded. Then she smiled at me, “So come inside, if they ask you, tell them I sent you there,” then she said her name (I forgot her name already hehe) then before she dissapeared, she told me. “Everything will be alright, I am in control”.

My jaw dropped but after a few seconds, I straightly went inside the seminar room, a staff asked me who gave me the permission to attend the seminar, I said the name of the staff and she welcomed me and gave me a chair. Then later, I found out the staff lady who gave me permission was a consul and the speaker of the seminar.

So I was able to attend the seminar and interview, and got my exit certificate and a stamp on my passport… but the best part? I didnt have to pay another ₱4000 for another day.

So what did I learned about this testimony? That God gives us strength and He always makes a way for His children.

How wonderful our God is!

The Visions that we TAKE for Granted (and a Testimony)

Give me greater vision of your purpose for my life. Awaken my heart and establish your reign in my life. Out of Your glorious riches strengthen me with power through Your Spirit in my inner being and give me spirit of wisdom and revelation that I may know you better (Ephesians 3:16-17)

About January, I was watching youtube and I found this message from one of the pinay who was applying for her green card and she told everyone that her application has been rescheduled due to COVID-19. As soon as I read that, I went to USCIS and looked at my status and mine hasn’t been rescheduled at all. Then, I looked around me and I heard a voice saying. “I promised you a new and a good life, and I want you to share this to everyone… how my visions for you came true.”

That is why I tried to login in this account but it was no use because I forgot my login password and the email associated with this account no longer exist. The voice kept telling me over and over to revived this blog and now… surprisingly, I was able to log back in.

Anyway let’s go back to my TOPIC: Visions.

Often times, God gives us a vision that we take for granted. What are these visions? The Personal Visions for our Lives. We take priority in believing the visions of other people, but God gives us visions for our lives and often times we just ignore them.

An example that I can give you was about God giving me personal visions. Once I shared it with other people, and these people will start sharing their visions too, I will believe those visions rather than the visions that God gave to me.

Just like these three Testimonies that I am going to write on this post:


God told me that I am going to give birth to TWINS and both are “GIRLS”. When I spoke to one of the leaders of the church about that Vision, the leader prayed for me and agreed that I will indeed give birth to twins… one Girl and One Boy. I believed the church leader’s vision rather than what God told me.

Then… as years passed by, I didn’t believe that vision anymore… I was approaching the age where it was difficult for me to get pregnant. I even asked my husband before, “What if I cannot give you a child anymore? Will you still love me?” Thankfully, my husband replied, “I will still love you with or without children.” After we got married, at our first try… I got pregnant (and I couldnt even believe it at first, so God led me to Sarai (Sarah’s life in the Bible. Where she got pregnant even she is already old!) then, after we went to the doctor, we found out we are having “TWINS – Both GIRLS” just like what God told me.


God gave me this verse from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” At the age of 34, I didn’t want to go back to School. He kept telling me that His plans for me is to go back to college. I didn’t believe Him, and it took 10 years for Him to convince me to go back to school… and when I followed Him, I was able to complete my degree.


God gave me a vision that I will be leaving the Philippines, But I have never imagine myself leaving the country were I was born. There were a lot of instances that could make me come to the United States, but because I didn’t want to go… so I rejected all of those opportunities. But where am I right now? I am living here in the United States, I am married to a wonderful husband and I am living the Vision that God has given me. It was too easy for me to get a VISA, it was easy for me to migrate here.

During my USEM Interview… a lot of people’s application were denied because they don’t have their complete papers or they couldn’t answer the interview. When it was my turn… all the consul asked me is a proof of my relationship with my fiance (now husband)… and then I got approved!

Truly when God gives you a vision, He will fullfill it.

So does God gives you vision for your life? Listen to Him. He wants to take care of you, He wants to guide you. He wants to be part of your life. Listen to Him and do not take these VISIONS for Granted.

Before you believe in someone’s vision for you… believe the VISIONS that God has given you personally.

God bless everyone and take care,

Chette Lax~

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Its Christmas time again. They say it is the season of love, joy and giving.

People celebrate this holiday in different ways. A lot of people celebrate it because of love. In Japan, they arent Christians but they celebrate it as a day of love (couples’ day)

Other people celebrate it by giving. They help others (charity), they give gifts to other people etc.. Some attend parties and join the exchange gifts.. Here in the Philippines, the term is “monito, monita”

But today.. I want to focus my sharing on the most important meaning of Christmas which was obviously being taken for granted.

It is the word “joy”

A few weeks before, I had a wonderful conversation with a very cute and smart girl on the telephone. She wanted me to sing with her “Deck the halls”.

As we were singing a few stanzas.. When she was singing “tis the season to be jolly”.. I suddenly realized that yes! Christmas is truly the season to be jolly!

But how can we be happy if we have lots of problems right?

Notice.. That the word “love” and “giving” is about other people. But “joy” is a personal thing.

It is a choice if you want to be jolly this Christmas or not.

So if its a choice.. Why is Christmas, a season to be jolly?

Because God gave Jesus to us.

Because of Jesus, we can freely come to the Father whenever we want too. Because of Him, we became free from the damnation of hell. Because of Jesus, we are living an easy life.

Easy life? You call this easy?

Well our lives right now maybe tough, full of problems.. But it is Easy if you compare the lives of people today and the people in the past.

Example: if they have sinned, they have to kill a clean lamb and offer it to the altar behind the curtain. < this was broken after Jesus died on the cross (Matthew 27:51).

Happiness is the outward, joy is inner, it is everlasting… It maybe a choice… But if you chose this joy that Jesus wants to give to you.. Despite any circumstances in your life, you will feel this inner contentment, this calm delight.

“But the angel said to them, “do not be afraid, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all people: today a Savior, has been born to you, He is Christ the Lord” Luke 2:10-11

Have a joyous Christmas everyone 🙂